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25 juni 2015

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How to make an infographic work its magic

Digital media need visualisations

Digital media need visualisations
Infographics are getting ever more popular. Did you know that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text?

infographic-02.jpgInfographics are a quick and concise way of absorbing and showing information. They provide an easy way to shape and share your story in our visual world.. Hence, perfect for social media and content marketing. Some infographics have been shared thousands of times on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. But what makes one infographic more successful than others? In this blog, I want to share my selection of tips & tricks with you:

  1. Keep your target audience in mind. Do your research and find out what your audience is looking for. In this way, you can build an infographic that they just will love to share because it is focused on their field of expertise and interest. Try to solve the problem your audience is dealing with at the moment. Show you have the solution at hand, using the creativity of an infographic.

  2. Tell a story and use powerful copy. Every good piece of content starts with a good and appealing story. Make it simple but meaningful. All good stories have a beginning, middle and end; infographics deserve the same treatment. At the beginning of the infographic, introduce the problem or thesis. From there, back it up with hard data. Finally, end the infographic with a conclusion.

  3. Limit the wording and use actionable data and numbers. Find the right data supporting your story. The key here is to find stats that will help prove to your audience that your solution, product or service is the solution that they need in their life.

  4. Select a compelling theme. Let’s talks about the design. Your theme is essential for your story and it needs to be aligned with your corporate branding, as your infographic will become another footprint on your content marketing journey.

  5. Keep the design simple. Limit your color palette. Make it readable. Use graphics that tie to the data. Break the data into bite-size sections and steer your audience by presenting the information and data through visual and eye-catching graphics.

Author: Caroline Hillaert, Senior Consultant

Source: Across Technology