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25 april 2017

Dirk Vermant

Door Dirk Vermant

Uitgever / Directeur

Customers Expect You to Make Them Wildly Successful

What Belgian companies can learn from Netflix, Spotify and Salesforce? Discover it at the CxO Leadership Forum on 30 May in the Faculty Club in Leuven.

The title of this article is one of the 10 laws of Maria Martinez, President Sales and Customer Success at Salesforce. She wrote ‘Customer Success’, an inspiring book worth reading if you are truly concerned about your customers.

The world is moving to a Subscription Economy, and this book directly addresses that shift. Smart companies aren’t trying to pitch products to strangers anymore. They’re figuring out how to grow, monetize and build an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship with a dedicated base of ‘subscribers’ or ‘members’.

From Netflix to Spotify, over the past few years, subscription models have become a powerfull and profitable business model in the digital economy. Customer Success is fundamental to this process, and this book documents three core aspects – philosophy, discipline and organization – in a sharp, practical way.

The Subscription business model is hot - from software to movies to diet programs – investors and public markets want businesses that create recurring payments from unlimited customers.

There is so much going on about the ‘customer’ these days, it was easy to find the next theme of the CxO Leadership Forum on 30 May this year: “Customer Success”. New insights, new methodologies, bringing a holistic view on this subject. Rewrite your mission statement. Being market leader and having  the best products on earth are nice words to investors, but customers follow the landmark to another party. They dance with each other, learn from each other, coach each other. Bringing customers together enhance Customer Success.

Schoenen Torfs and Colruyt invest in Customer Success. If you leave their shop or supermarket, you feel happy. Don’t take my word for granted. Look at the face of shoppers when they leave their premises. I’m sure they whistle or sing when they drive home. Is it the good heart of Jef Colruyt and Wouter Torfs? I believe so. But not only. They are truly concerned about their customers. When you make people happy they come back. They become members of a family and generate growing recurring revenue. And there is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it brings prosperity and ‘makes this world a better place.’

- Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenu (Maria Martinez, ISBN: 9781119167969)
- The Membership Economy
(Robbie Kellman Baxter,  ISBN: 9780071839327)

Happy reading!

Dirk Vermant, CxO Magazine