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06 februari 2017

Dirk Vermant

Door Dirk Vermant

Uitgever / Directeur

Go for Customer Success or die

Customer Success, the central theme @3 unique CxO Leadership Fora in 2017

Customer Success, the central theme @3 unique CxO Leadership Fora in 2017
Fawlty Tower; a hotel where Customer Success wasn’t part of the script

No more Dutch and French editorials on this page. It’s time to transform, folks; time to think, reach, act and write bigger. Belgium’s got talent? Sure, but Belgium’s also gotten smaller over the last decade. The global market grows much faster than our local region. Let’s face the facts – we need more enthusiasm and peer communication. These are the main keys to success. However, not just any kind of success: Customer Success! After all: no customers, no economy.

We at CxO would love to guide you on this journey. We consider it our mission to connect you with your peers. Knowledge transfer in a one-to-many way is over. Meet the new many-to-many communication and visit one of the three interactive CxO Leadership Fora. Don’t take my word for granted; for the past seven years, we have been facilitating the process of unleashing the tremendous potential of peer communication. In the meantime, read CxO Magazine and discover Journalism 4.0 (facilitated many-to-many journalism).

It hits you right in the face; the advertisement of DHL in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review. “Life on Planet Earth is Getting Better, thanks to Global Trading.” Big and small businesses are helping the world economy to flourish. New found wealth brings better health and education. The average person lives a third longer than 50 years ago and today, 90% of children in developing regions of the world attend primary school. This is the power of global trade – awesome results for humanity; but do we feel this abundance? I don’t think so. So stop reading newspapers and stop watching television. It keeps you small. One-to-many communication doesn’t work anymore. In a hyper-connective world, you know it quicker than our editors. We aren’t the cleverest pupils in the classroom anymore.

Skip the scare mongering newspapers and other media; instead, follow your peers and model entrepreneurs on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. They make ‘your’ news relevant and explain what works and what doesn’t. They find your missing needle in a haystack, refreshing in times of such immense amounts of data.

To accomplish the ‘think bigger” mission, we need to work on Customer Success. A mission statement shouldn’t say “we are the global market leader”. A business goal statement should say: “We are outstanding in Customer Success. We help you to win and keep customers. We guarantee your Success.” Wouldn’t it be great working with these kinds of suppliers?

Happy reading!

Dirk Vermant, CxO Magazine