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24 oktober 2016

Dirk Vermant

Door Dirk Vermant

Uitgever / Directeur

Take a vacation to boost your activity

Over the past three years, we have partnered with the U.S. Travel Association to more clearly understand the relationship between well-being and taking time off from work. Our hypothesis has been that without recovery periods, our ability to continue performing at high levels diminishes significantly. This is in direct conflict with the common misconception that the longer you persevere at work, the more successful you will become.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Studies show that Americans are taking less vacation than they ever have before. In fact, more than half of Americans (55%) let their vacation days go to waste, which equates to 658 million unused vacation days. Remember, this is paid time off — by not taking your allotted days, you’re essentially volunteering for your company. Forgoing your vacation might be worth it if doing so made you more successful, but studies show that people who take more vacation days are actually more likely to receive a raise or a bonus. So, go away! Plan ahead, too: Your vacation will only improve your energy and outlook upon returning to work if you plan it at least a month in advance and get far away from work (that’s physical and emotional distance). And be sure to relax. A stressful vacation eliminates any of the positive benefits of taking time off.

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