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Logistics & Manufacturing

04 mei 2016

cxo magazine

Door cxo magazine

Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems

Securing capacity and improving freight efficiency are strong motivations for investing in a TMS, but the business case remains driven largely by reducing freight costs. Heads of logistics, transportation and supply chain management IT should use this research to understand the TMS marketplace.

Multimodal transportation management systems (TMSs) are a subset of the global TMS market and generically refer to the category of software that deals with the planning and execution of the physical movement of goods across the supply chain (see "Gartner's Model for Holistic Multimodal Transportation Management Suites" ). The TMS Magic Quadrant focuses on holistic multimodal TMS for use by shippers or non-asset-based, third-party logistics (3PL) organizations.

The primary emphasis is on systems that support for-hire transportation management operations, whereby users utilize a variety of shipping modes, including over the road, private/dedicated fleet, small package, rail, intermodal, air and ocean. At a minimum, shipper companies use TMSs to manage freight sourcing, planning, execution and settlement. Multiple subcomponents make up a comprehensive TMS across planning (for example, load consolidation, routing, mode selection and carrier selection) and execution (for example, tendering loads to carriers, shipment track and trace, and freight audit and payment).

This research covers multiple TMS delivery and implementation approaches, including on-premises, hosted, on-demand cloud/SaaS and TMS-managed services, which are all subject to the specified inclusion criteria (see the Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria section).

Source: Gartner, Click here to read more.

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