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Logistics & Manufacturing

24 februari 2016

cxo magazine

Door cxo magazine

The Connected Enterprise Puts the Industrial Internet of Things to Work for You

Information is power. Helping customers harness it to bring our Connected Enterprise vision to life has been a priority for decades.

IoT strategies rockwell.jpgAccelerated by the emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things and advances in enabling technologies – including data analytics, remote monitoring and mobility – The Connected Enterprise opens new worlds of opportunity through greater connectivity and information sharing.

Guided by our industrial expertise and complemented by government and industry initiatives, including the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition, Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories, it drives better decision making, exposes inefficiencies and sparks collaboration.

The Connected Enterprise helps operations managers profitably manage and improve manufacturing and industrial processes. It helps IT executives reduce network complexities and exposure to information security risks. It shares productivity-improving information to workers across the organization in a context that is meaningful for each role.

The information-enabled Connected Enterprise is a more competitive enterprise. It creates tremendous opportunities for those taking advantage and great risks for those not preparing a strategic response. Explore how Rockwell Automation is evolving its own global operations and helping its customers harness the Industrial Internet of Things by leveraging real-time decision making to drive profitability.



Source : Rockwell Automation