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16 maart 2015

cxo magazine

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How The Apple Watch Will Change Office Life

The future of Work

The future of Work
Love or hate them, wearables are already changing our workplaces. We asked experts in tech how our ultraconnected landscapes will look.
With the introduction of Apple’s new smartwatch earlier this week, many are speculating if we'll soon be able to just glance at our wrist rather than keeping our phones on the table during every meeting. Forty-five percent of consumers are expected to strap a smartwatch to their wrists in the near future, digital marketing company Acquity Group reports.

Here’s a look at how wearable smart technology will change our productivity, office policies, and daily routines. We'll Likely Struggle To Stay Engaged

If we were cyborgs programmed to make the most efficient use of new hardware, working with smartwatches would be like downloading a new piece of software to help make us more efficient.

But we’re humans, and we're easily distracted. When you’re working in your highly focused zone and you glance at your watch as it alerts you to a new email, it might take you as long as 23 minutes to get back on task.

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Source: Fast Company