Strategies of 3 Top Leaders

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Strategies of 3 International Top Leaders

Discover the business strategies of 3 international successful entrepreneurs


During this e-Conference you will discover practical tips and Sustainable Growth Strategies you can implement in your business from today.

Speakers at this e-Conference:

1. Joseph O'Connor (UK) - co-Founder of the International Coaching Community (ICC) and President of Lambent
2. Alan Cohen (US) - Worldwide keynote speaker and author of 24 books on personal growth
Octavio Pitaluga (Brazil) - Founder of Top Executives Net


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Who should attend this e-Conference?
All CxO's who want to improve turnover immediately with successful strategies for sustainable growth:
CEO's, Directors and Managers in Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR.


Content of this webinar:
1. Joseph O'Connor (UK) - co-Founder of the International Coaching Community (ICC) and President of Lambent, will give you insights on:
- His keys to success of the worldwide ICC network
- The best question you can ask yourself in case of business obstacles
- His recipe to become financially independent

2. Alan Cohen (US) - Worldwide keynote speaker and author of 24 books on personal growth, will give you insights on:
- How to build a clear vision to accelerate business
- What the best money magnet is
- How to schedule your work to acheive better results in less time

3. Octavio Pitaluga (Brazil) - Founder of Top Executives Net, will give you insights on:
- How to quickly start efficient networking
- What social media strategies you can implement today to attract more clients
- An impressive example of what networking online can do in 48h

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Participants of this e-Conference:

1. Joseph O´Connor (UK) is the co-Founder of the ICC and President josephof Lambent. The International Coaching Community is one of the largest professional membership organisations for coaches in the world.
Joseph has worked as a trainer, consultant and coach to many international
companies. He is the creator of the Systemic Audit, a consulting process that maps the business system to understand how to change it in the best way. Joseph is an author of nineteen books, published in twenty nine languages and there are over 500.000 copies sold of his books. He is one of the world authorities on NLP.  Joseph´s greatest expertise is in helping top executives with vision, mission and values.
He specialises in coaching for leadership and to get a systemic understanding of business.



2. Alan Cohen (US) is a respected keynoter and seminar leader in the fields of personal growth, inspiration, human relations, and achievement of work/life balance. He conducts Life Mastery Trainings around the world and he is the author of 22 popular inspirational books and CD's. He is a contributing writer for the New York Times #1 bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, and his books have been translated into 24 foreign languages.





3. Octavio Pitaluga (Brazil) is the Founder of the Top Executives Net. He is a business networks manager, certified international business coach, public speaker and trainer. The most connected South American professional in the main online social and business networks. He defined the CNO - Chief Networking Officer responsibilities on Wikipedia. In the corporate world, he has worked for Tele2 Europe as Marketing and Sales Director of its electronic transactions processing subsidiary, 3C Communications, responsible for operations in up to 17 countries and four business units in Western Europe. His academic background and professional experience relates to sciences, international business and marketing of technology with relevant international business exposure in more than 25 countries.



Your host for this e-Conference:

PATRYK WEZOWSKI – Business Creation Specialist, Director of New Vision

Patryk WezowskiPatryk inspires business leaders to create new ways of increasing revenue.  Companies ask him for consultancy and strategic advice on vision and mission.  As a multidisciplinary catalyst, he excels in inspiring Managers to create higher ROI by innovation and change of perception. He is also known as the Body Language Expert of Belgium, the founder of the Center for Body Language and creator of the Release Coaching method. Two weeks before the Belgian elections, newspapers published his prediction of the results, based on the non-verbal communication of the politicians. His prediction proved to be 85% accurate. The effectiveness of Patryk's Release Coaching method is now being researched by the KUL University of Leuven.


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